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Buy premium natural vanilla beans and vanilla powder directly from Madagascar. We have a complete selection of vanilla beans from Grade-A vanilla beans to the common grade for vanilla extract.  You will find the best beans at the best price, right here. 


Learn Vanilla Secrets :

Find detailed information about Madagascar vanilla bean cultivation, vanilla bean processing, pure vanilla quality checks, further transformation in powder or extracts, original vanilla recipes, etc....

Madagascar vanilla:

Vanilla cultivation: learn all about the cultivation of vanilla in Madagascar and what steps are necessary to get good quality vanilla beans.

Vanilla bean processing: a very important operation to get quality vanilla beans. Learn how right here.

How  to :

How to make vanilla bean extracts: find several ways to make homemade vanilla bean extracts.

How to make  vanilla powder: learn here how to make your own vanilla powder.

How to make  vanilla sugar: homemade is easier and cheaper. Get all the details here.

Quality of pure vanilla

Check the quality of the vanilla beans: learn how to check the quality of a vanilla bean and avoid getting ripped off the next time you buy vanilla.

Vanillin ratio: learn how the major compound of a vanilla bean is measured.

Original Vanilla bean recipes

Vanilla recipes: find smart ideas for original cooking with vanilla beans.

Other information about Madagascar Vanilla

Cost saving ideas: learn how buying Madagascar vanilla beans can help you to save money.

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How to make Vanilla Sugar

We propose you 3 possibilities:

1) Make vanilla sugar with vanilla extract

      • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ( to make it yourself see homemade vanilla extract)
      • 1 cup of granulated sugar (any kind : white sugar or sugarcane)
      • Mix the vanilla extract with the sugar
      • that's it!
      • Comments: with this method you will get a clear vanilla sugar free of vanilla particles. Depending on the dish  you want to prepare, this can be important to get a good presentation.

2) Make vanilla sugar with vanilla powder


      • 1 teaspoon vanilla powder ( to make it yourselve see homemade vanilla powder)

      • 1 cup of sugar in powder (any kind : white sugar or sugarcane)


      • Mix the vanilla powder with the sugar

      • that's it!


3) Make vanilla sugar with vanilla beans


      • 5 vanilla beans 

      • 500 gr (2 cups) white sugar


      • cut the vanilla beans in 4 parts and split them in two
      • put  the cut vanilla and 200gr (1 cup) of sugar in a coffee mil or grinder
      • grind for a few minutes
      • strain with a fine sieve
      • mix it with the remaining sugar
      • that's it




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